Images Sumo module allows you to display ads with a short description of the different modules Images only view the show.

  • Images Sumo - Front end
  • Images Sumo - Back end

- in Modal windows click this button for show full size images.

Also, you can:

Select number of ads displayed

Number of columns

Limit the number of characters (letters) in the description

Select a Category from show ads or all

Show ads only to a specific User(Dealer)

Show only ads in this Category or this or this Make or Model

Show only the Top or Commercial or Special ads

Sort by ID, Ordering, Random

Enable/Disable the display of fields

Show/Hide ads without images

Show/Hide Sold and/or Reserved ads

Show/Hide Special icons

You can sort unites all of these sorting as you will be comfortable

Make an unlimited number of layouts

and more ....

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