You can create an unlimited number of Categories, Sub categories, Sub Sub Category and etc.
Example: Passenger Cars, By Category - New and Used Cars


- in Modal windows click this button for show full size images.

  • Categories - Video
  • Categories - Video
  • Categories - Link to Page
  • Categories - Use Fields

- Recommendation to the video:720pHP , 1280x720.

Also, you can:

To choose which fields to use for each Category
Example: For the Auto you are using the "Doors", and for the Motorcycles don`t using

Choose which Categories will be clickable and what is not
Example: Passenger Cars - not clickable, and New and Used Cars clickable

Choose in what Categories can users do add listing (more on the page "User Levels")
Example: Registered users can only add to the Used Cars but Dealers in New Cars and Used Cars

Choose for any Group (Joomla) will be visible Category
Example: For Registered Members - Passenger Cars, New Cars and Used Cars, and for the special - Category "Best Offer"

Choose where you want to redirect user to the "Listing" or to the "Makes"
Example: Passenger Cars - to the "Listing", Used and New Cars - to the "Makes"

Categories for each brand and model of your
Example: For a Car - Audi, BMW, Volvo, etc. And for Water Transport Aquador, Yamaha, etc.

For each of its categories "Additional Paremetry" (more info on the page "More Options")
Example: For Auto - Lights, rack, etc. And for Water Transport compass, navigation lights, etc.

Export\Import Categories in format CSV \ XML

Select the skin(template) to display Categories (more on the Configuration page)

Add an unlimited number of positions for the modules to the Category page

On/Off display number of ads for Category

Show/Hide the link "View All"

Show/Hide the link "New Ad"

and more ....

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