You can create an unlimited number of User Levels.
Example: Registered , Business and etc.


- in Modal windows click this button for show full size images.

  • User Levels
  • User Levels - Add Page

- Recommendation to the video:720pHP , 1280x720.

Also, you can:

Choose categories available to add ads for each Level
Example: Registered - Used cars Category, Business - Used and New cars Categories.

Set the price for each level
Example: Registered - FREE, Business - 30 Euro.

Choose count permission to add ads
Example: Registered - 10 ads, Business - Unlimited.

Choose count permission to add images to the ad
Example: Registered - 10 images, Business - 35 images.

Choosing an automatic published of ads or just after approved Aministrator
Example: Registered - Approved, Business - Automatic.

Choose how many days will show an ad (you can enable/disable in the Configuration)
Example: Registered - 30 days, Business - Unlimited.

Choose Enable/Disable add "New Models"
Example: Registered - Disable, Business - Enable.

Choose Enable/Disable upload additional files and files format ans size.
Example: Registered - Disable, Business - Enable.

Choose which custom fields the user can fill in additional profiles (details in the User Page)
Example: Address Site, Logo, Others Info and etc.

Enter the Price for each ad for each Level.
Example: Registered - 10 Euro, Business - FREE.

Enter the Price for the Special Ads
Example: Top - 10 Euro, Special - 7 Euro, Commercial - 5 Euro.

Enable \ Disable automatic update of Level after payment (Peypal IPN)

Export\Import User Levels in format CSV \ XML

Select the skin (template) to display levels (more info on the Configuration page)

Select a picture for each Level

Add an unlimited modules positions for User Levels page

and more ....

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